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Little Details

So Firefox needed to do an update today. 6.0.2, I think. When I did the update the obligatory additional page was added to my tabs showing me that I was now fully updated. I was struck by the page, though:

Of course I reloaded the page several times, and still the page looked the same. Now maybe I expect too much, but if you’re going to promote something then the promo should look good. The styling for the “Tabs, Meet Groups” promotion stands out for all the wrong reasons. The padding, the lack of easily findable links, and what is with the way “Name” and “Drag” are just hanging there?

I’m sure there is a simple explanation for this. It’s likely a css file that’s missing in a specific directory. But if you’re going to push this page after making me do an update, I’d make sure that it was 100%. Especially when you’re promoting something to make you stand out against other great browsers like Safari and Chrome.

I originally posted this on my Tumblr The Face of Geoff