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Vim - Precision Editing Video

Vim is my text editor of choice. Drew Neil is an amazing Vim evangelist. If you haven’t, you should go check out VimCasts. He also has a book that I haven’t had a chance to dive into yet, but I will be shortly.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out Drew Neil’s presentation on Vim.

The first chunk, if you’re good with Vim, isn’t anything you don’t already know. It is mainly Drew trying to convince people that modality in a text editor is great. I agree. It is.

But about midway through, Drew busts out some of great power moves. Some of them I’ve not seen before, but I have immediately introduced to muscle memory workout.

The three that I picked up from this were:

  1. dt. - delete until the dot.
  2. vi[ - visually highlight everything between the square bracket.
  3. gf - go to the file under the cursor.

Honestly, I don’t know how I never picked up gf before, but I promise it is one that I won’t forget. The other two I’m in love with. I used dt. while writing this post!

Anyway, here’s the presentation. Give it a look:

Vim - precision editing at the speed of thought from Øredev Conference on Vimeo.