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Git Tips: Tagging

File this under the I’m always referencing this, so I’m going to do a quick post about it category.

Tagging in Git is super powerful and can save your butt. Here are a few commands that I use often but never seem to remember.

List all your tags:

git tag

Create a tag:

git tag -a v1.4

Push tags:

git push origin v1.4


git push origin --tags

Checkout a tag:

git checkout -b v1.4

Deleting a tag

git tag -d v1.4

Deleting a remote tag

git push origin :v1.4

Search for specific tags:

git tag -l 'v1.0.2'

See tag data:

git show v1.4

Retroactively tag:

git tag -a v1.4 <<checksum>>

A couple of nice references on tagging:

Git Basics - Tagging
Git Ready - Tagging